Puffin Fratercula arctica

Robert Thompson was born in Northern Ireland, where he lived for most of his early life. His interest in natural history began during his childhood explorations of a large parkland estate where he grew up. He is a highly accomplished freelance natural history photographer and author with a number of well-known publications to his credit in natural history and nature photography. He has also been a major contributor to many other high profile publications in Britain and Europe. As one of Ireland’s foremost nature photographers, he is widely acknowledged as a specialist in close-up and macro photography, in the UK and a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and the Irish Photographic Federation.

As an active conservationist, he has worked on several high-profile natural history recording projects in Ireland in conjunction with, the National Museums Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the National Parks and Wildlife Service in the Republic of Ireland. He has a particular interest in dragonflies, butterflies and moths for which he has a specialist scientific knowledge and was the national recorder in Ireland for Dragonflies; co-ordinator for the highly acclaimed ‘DRAGONFLYIRELAND PROJECT’ and regional recorder for moths on behalf of Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland

His work is widely published in the UK, Ireland and internationally, with numerous photographic credits in a wide variety of publications. He is a frequent writer and contributor to the photographic press in particular, ‘Wild Planet Photo Magazine’ and ‘Landscape Photography Magazine’. He is also a frequent contributor to a number of other natural history publications and has had several solo exhibitions of his work including the aerial landscape collection from the highly acclaimed “NATIONAL HISTORY OF ULSTER”, which ran for 5 months in the Ulster Museum.

He has appeared on television and radio as a photographer, author and entomologist and been a contributor to other television programs relating to natural history and photography in Ireland. Although now a convert to digital, he was a long time user and advocate of ‘MEDIUM FORMAT’; his images frequently illustrated Mamiya’s Medium-Format camera systems, both in the UK and Japan. His work has also been featured in Nikon Pro magazine and Nikon UK.

His photographs are represented by a number of agencies, including, Natural History Photographic Agency (NHPA), Photoshot, and Nature Picture Library (NPL) in the UK. He lectures on photography and runs workshops in some of Ireland’s most picturesque locations and further afield. With over twenty years experience as a natural history photographer, he has explored many of Ireland’s beauty spots, travelled widely in Europe photographing its flora and fauna with particular attention to its threatened and declining wild orchid population.