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Welcome to the website of Robert Thompson, Natural History Photographer, Author and Freelance Writer

This website features the work of natural history photographer Robert Thompson and includes a biography, information on his philosophy and approach to nature photography. The site also contains a detailed description of his photographic equipment, and wide-ranging portfolios on a number of natural history topics.

This website has been redesigned to accommodate an on-line stock image library, print gallery and much more. There will be other additional sections added in the coming months, which include, a seasonal diary for the macro photographer with tips and suggestions on what to look out for each month. There will also be monthly feature on moths  and reviews on equipment that Robert has found useful in the field.

The selection of portfolios on this website and the online stock images represent a small selection of species and topics from Robert’s library, which covers a wide range of subjects from Ireland and parts of Europe. The stock library is ongoing and over the coming months many more images will be added. For more information regarding usage rights and terms and conditions click on the link in the photo library tab. If you have a particular image request we will be happy to help if we can. The publications page features books, which are still currently available.

Robert believes that having a natural history background is a distinct advantage when it comes to capturing images of the natural world. Good and consistent nature photography is a partnership between technical competency and having a clear understanding of the habits and behavior of your subjects. He believes both are inextricably linked!

Although he has always considered himself as a general natural history and conservation photographer, he is perhaps better known through his books and writing as a macro specialist, in photographic and natural history publications. He has over the years devoted a considerable amount time to this particular photographic discipline.

A large percentage of Robert’s photographic time is committed to highlighting the beauty and diversity in his own country. He has formed important partnerships with many leading conservation agencies, documenting the flora and fauna and working in conjunction with various specialists on high profile conservation and recording projects throughout Ireland.

Hopefully  this website encourages you to explore the beauty and complexity of the natural world and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of its fragility and the subjects whose fate ultimately rest in our hands.