Green Silver-lines Pseudoips prasinana


Robert regularly provides photographic services to a number of commercial clients, environmental and conservation organisations throughout Ireland, the UK and internationally. He is willing to undertake some commissioned work of a specialised nature. Please contact us for further information on your requirements and timescale.

His photographic library covers a wide diversity of subject material from Ireland, parts of the UK, Europe and the Mediterranean. He has a particular interest in insects, plants and natural habitats. Robert’s images are regularly published in Britain and internationally for a variety of commercial purposes, including advertising & design; magazines, both photographic and natural history, books, calendars and greeting cards.

His comprehensive image library incorporates many thousands of images, of which only a small selection feature on this website. If you would like to license Robert’s photographs for commercial use by your organisation, please contact us to discuss your requirements and the terms and conditions of use.

Alternatively, a number of Robert’s images can be obtained and licensed through Nature Picture Library (NPL), Natural History Photographic Agency (NHPA) and Photoshot.

For further information about commissions and general enquiries contact us!