I have always been fascinated with moths from an early age. Their beauty and diversity never cease to amaze me. This gallery contains a small selection on moths from my extensive collection from around the world. All of the images are copyrighted. If you have an interest in any of the species illustrated or others then please contact me via email.

Iron Prominent Notodonta dromedariius_RST026825
Nut-tree Tussock Colocasia coryli_RST034338
Lobster Moth Stauropus fagi_RST023349
Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica_RST046621
Scarce Forester Jordanita globulariae_RST026109
Slender Scotch Burnet Zygaena loti_RST072539
Panthea coenobita_RST038823
Passenger Dysgonia algira_RST035562
Syntomeida epilais_RST032461
Garden Tiger Arctia caja_RST013322
Orache Moth Trachea atriplicis RST087497
Orache Moth Trachea atriplicis RST087496
Yellow Horned Achlya flavicornis_RST014478
The Spectacle Abrostola tripartita_RST033462
Spatalia argentina_RST043487
Small Lappet Phyllodesma ilicifolia_RST072196
Scarce Wormwood Cucullia artemisiae_RST032243
Scarce Merveille du Jour Moma alpium_RST073419
Scarce Chocolate-tip Clostera anachoreta_RST043167
Pachytrina honrathii_RST076208
Lesser Puss Moth Cerura erminea_RST046754
Black-veined Moth Siona lineata_RST052606
Brindled Green Dryobotodes eremita_RST012246
Calophasia opalina_RST034787
Canary-shouldered Thorn Ennomos alniaria_RST0133242
Dark Crimson Underwing Catocala sponsa_RST054469
Fall Webworm Moth Hyphantria cunea_RST036171
Erasmia pulchella_RST035597
False Tiger Moth Dysphania militaris_RST073043
Great Tiger Moth Arctia-caja americana_RST037552
Great Tiger Moth Arctia-caja americana_RST037551
Idia calvaria RST036424
Red Costate Tiger Moth Aloa lactinea RST043032
Three-humped Prominent Notodonta tritophus_RST038861
Water Carpet Lampropteryx suffumata_RST043833
White-collared Burnet Zygaena lavandulae_RST078969
Crimson-speckled Footman Utethesia pulchella_RST014426
Common Marbled Carpet Dysstroma truncata_RST033815
Common Heath Ematurga atomaria_RST068726
Clouded Silver Lomographa temerata_RST046194
Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosa_RST033251
Pachytrina honrathii_RST076521
Pachytrina honrathii_RST076520
Cream-spot Tiger Arctia villica_RST076399
Cream-spot Tiger Arctia villica_RST076398
Green Carpet Colostygia pectinataria
Great Prominent Peridea anceps
Zygaena osterodensis
Wood Tiger Parasemia plantaginis
White Prominent Leucodonta bicoloria
Swallow-tailed Moth Qurapteryax sambucaria
Speckled Yellow Pseudopanthera macularia
Six-spot Burnet Zygaena filipendulae f. flava
September Thorn Ennomos erosaria
Scarlet Tiger Callimorpha dominula
Scarce Silver Y Syngrapha interrogationis
Puss Moth Cerura vinula
Puss Moth Cerura vinula
Pine-tree Lappet Dendrolimus pini
Herald Moth Scoliopteryx libatrix
Peppered Moth Biston betularia
Peach Blossom Thyatira batis
Pale Tussock Calliteara pudibunda
Pale Prominent Pterostoma palpina
Mullein Moth Cucullia verbasci
Merveille du Jour Dichonia aprilina
Lesser Swallow Prominent Pheosia gnoma
The Lappet Gastropacha quercifolia
Kentish Glory Endromis versiclora (female)
Kentish Glory Endromis versiclora (male)
Green brindled Crescent Allophyes oxyacanthae
Garden Tiger Arctia caja
Figure of Eight Dioba caeruleocephala
Feathered Footman Coscinia striata
Engrailed Ectropis crepuscularia
Early Thorn Selenia dentaria
December Moth Poecilocampa populi
Dark-Spectacle Abrostola trigemina
Currant Clearwing Synanthedon tipuliformis