Every photographer at some point no matter what their photographic speciality is uses a tripod in their photography. In order for the tripod to function correctly is requires a head. While it’s important to invest in a robust tripod to provide proper stability, it’s the head that allows you to position your camera in any direction you choose. All too often photographers place less emphasises on the tripod head and are happy to stick with what comes with the tripod. It’s a common mistake many photographers make and it only becomes apparent when a much heavier lens setup is placed on the head and tripod which is totally inadequate for the job. Poor head or tripod performance can seriously compromise your results which can be frustrating especially when the opportunity is not easily repeatable.

The Classicball 5 II from Novoflex is a top of the range ball head with many unique features. I have been testing this ball head for a few months in the field. Click on the link below to read the full review.




The Novoflex video below from the US demonstrates the features of the Classicball 5II