The most flexible tripod in the world for photographers who want the best to produce their best!

The new professional tripod system TrioPod-M does not only impress with easy handling but also with hitherto unknown stability and unique flexibility.

The extremely flexible and sturdy tripod base can be equipped with legs made of aluminium, carbon fibre, mini macro legs, and all the tripod legs of the TrioPod and QuadroPod systems. Thus, different tripods can be assembled with only one tripod base.

Included in the images are the mini legs connected to the spider block which are unique to the Novoflex tripod systems. This is one accessory you would not want to be without!

Classic tripod
Mini- or table tripod
"Leaning pod"

The TrioPod-M system is a versatile and flexible professional tripod system for all photographers with medium-heavy equipment!



I am currently preparing a review of this remarkable tripod system which will be uploaded in due course.

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Below is the Novoflex video on the TRIOPOD range, which will give you some idea of the versatility of the system. Currently, the TRIOPOD-M is the latest in the range and there will be a video in due course but you can get an idea of the features it carries in this Novoflex production.