The Mourne Mountains are one of the best know mountain ranges in Ireland. Much has been written about them in verse and song. I am lucky to live fairly close to the mountains and often visit them either for work or pleasure. Weight is an important factor to consider when hiking in the mountains. I don't want to compromise on image quality and having the Novoflex TrioPod system means I can configure my tripod to suit the terrain and still have the ideal support for my camera. 

The Novoflex TrioPod-M is the ideal tripod for me when hiking and photographing in the mountains. Although lighter than the PRO75 I have the advantage of using the tripod legs from the PRO75 combined with the TrioPod-M spider base and the ClassicBall 3 II with the Panorama 48 which is small and light with an integrated click-stop system ensuring that you can achieve precise adjustment of the pan. The panning also has stepless rotation as well. The larger PRO75 carbon fibre legs give me solid support and height when working from rocks etc. 



One of the advantages of shooting panoramic images is the mountains are not reduced to small distant objects which is often the case when using ultra-wide-angle lenses to increase your field of view. Also, you have much larger detailed images which are ideal for large printed images. Using a pano base produces images that are easier to stitch with less distortion.

For further information on Panoramic photography and a selection of panning and leveling bases, visit the Novoflex website 


The setup. Shot on an iPhone. The Nikon Z 9 with the Z 24-70mm lens supported on the TrioPod-M Spider base in combination with the PRO75 3 section legs, The ClassicBall 3 II, the Panorama 48, and Q=Base II quick release clamp. This combination is light to carry for long periods but produces solid support for the Z 9 with no creep whatsoever.


One of the finished images. A fleeting glimpse of light for a few minutes before the cloud moved in yet again obscuring all of the distant mountain peaks. Within a short time, the snow had all but melted and the ice had disappeared from this small bog pool.