The Sprinkwee River is often overlooked by walkers. It's just under 4km long and has its source in the Mourne Mountains on the slopes of Ott Mountain. The river flows into Fofanny Dam and continues in a north-easterly direction into Tollymore Forest Park where it merges with the Trassey River. I have photographed this waterfall a number of times at different times of the year. 

This waterfall lies in a small dark enclosed rocky cleft. You have to navigate boulders and get into the river to reach an ideal position. The dynamic range on the Z 9 is excellent with good highlight and shadow recovery making it possible to shoot scenes such as this in a single exposure.


The setup. The Z 9 is supported on the Novoflex MagicBall and PRO75 tripod which provide a solid base for the camera. Image setup photographed on an iPhone.


One of the final images. Having a camera that has the versatility of speed and resolution is a real advantage when you are shooting a wide range of subjects. The Z 9 also has an extended range of shutter speeds which are extremely useful when you need to shoot long exposures.