Pre-digital, bellows were used mainly in the studio and considered not to be that portable. The BALPRO-1 bellows from Novoflex is quick and easy to set up in the field. When I need magnifications greater than 1:1 I normally use them with several different flatfield bellows lenses. In this case, I'm using the Novoflex 60mm Auto bellows macro I find the results from this lens to be excellent. Novoflex no longer makes this lens, but you can pick it up on eBay. When using the Nikon DSLRs e.g. the D850 as in this case you need to stop the lens down manually. Full automation with the Nikon Z cameras is possible via the Novoflex Retro Reverse Adapter which preserves all automatic communication between lens and camera.

This specimen is approximately 7mm in width. 


Close-up showing the Novoflex 60mm bellows lens which has to be operated manually.

Setup photographed with an iPhone.


Both images show the setup in the field for capturing this small fungus. One of the advantages of the Novoflex equipment is how well it integrates together. It's solid and steady; essential in my opinion when shooting high magnification subjects and especially important when focus stacking.

Photographic equipment: Nikon D850, Novoflex BALPRO 1 bellows, Novoflex 60mm bellows macro lens supported on the Castel XQ focusing rack, PRO75 and MagicBall. 


The final composite is composed of 40 individual images. The Novoflex 60mm bellows is an extremely sharp lens delivering excellent detail throughout the image.