Welcome to my website which features some of the wide diversity of subject material and conservation projects that I often undertake. Some are examples of the flora and fauna that I cover and frequently encounter on some of my travels and workshops throughout the alpine regions of Europe.

The site also contains an overview of my current equipment and wide-ranging portfolio case studies on a number of natural history subjects and topics from Ireland, UK and Europe. My library covers a wide range of material from Ireland, parts of Europe and the Mediterranean.

The publications page features some of my books, which are still currently available. I believe having a natural history background is a distinct advantage when it comes to capturing images of the natural world. Good and consistent nature photography is a partnership between technical competency and having a clear understanding of the habits and behaviour of your subjects; both are inextricably linked in my opinion.

Although I have always considered myself as a general natural history and conservation photographer. I am perhaps better known through my books and writing as a macro specialist. I have, over the years, devoted a considerable amount of time to this particular photographic discipline documenting and highlighting the beauty and diversity in my own country. I have formed valuable partnerships with local government agencies. Also, many leading conservation organisations working in conjunction with various specialists on high profile conservation and recording projects throughout Ireland.

Hopefully, this website encourages you to explore the beauty and complexity of the natural world and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of its fragility and the subjects whose fate ultimately rest in our hands.