Welcome to a new section on the website where I will feature a subject and show either a video of where it was taken with the equipment in place or a still image followed by the final results. Please understand that the video is only an introduction showing where the camera is approximately positioned and taken on my phone. It is not meant to be the focus of attention but used in combination to give an overall impression of what the scene is like.

I  have stated before that I have incorporated into my routine workflow the Novoflex TrioPod System and many other specialised pieces of equipment designed and manufactured by them. It has taken me a long time to realise the benefits of buying into a system and there are many advantages in doing so. Each piece of equipment is designed to fit and integrate precisely into the workflow; this is especially important in macro. Having purchased many independent accessories over the years the results were sometimes hit or miss; this is no longer the case. I can focus entirely on the subject knowing any shortcomings in the final results are not down to the equipment but myself.  

There reviews and recommendations on my website are based on real-time usage and are evaluated to the best of my ability on practical use in the field; not from a desktop in an office as so many are these days. I am not paid by any equipment manufacturer to write specifically about their products. Those that do interest me and I feel are of real benefit to what I do I will gladly share with other fellow photographers

I will add other interesting subjects to this tab so please come back again and explore!