Image from Robert Thompson Photography
Image from Robert Thompson Photography

Robert Thompson FRPS FIPF
Natural History Photographer, Author & Conservationist

Welcome to the website of professional natural history and conservation photographer Robert Thompson. Robert is the author of a number of publications on natural history and photography and is widely acknowledged as a specialist in close-up and macro photography in Ireland and the UK. As an active conservationist, he has worked on a number of high-profile conservation projects in Ireland and further afield.

His work is widely published in the UK and Internationally and has had several solo exhibitions of his work. He also is a frequent writer and contributor to the photographic press and other natural history publications. His images are managed through several agencies and he has his own library in Ireland. He runs workshops in some of the alpine regions throughout Europe and iconic landscape locations in Ireland.


I have recently completed a webinar in association with Novoflex on some of their equipment I currently use in my workflow. If you are interested here is the link! 

I am currently working on a series of reviews on different pieces of equipment. When complete I will post these on the website so please keep an eye out for updates. I am also been using the Nikon Z 9 for a while (see my recent blog post below) and will be writing an in-depth review in due course. I will, in the meantime, post some images of the Z 9 under the Profiles tab on my website. 

I have recently created a new section on my website called Profiles. Under that tab, I have posted a series called 'Behind the Shot'. It's about showing the subject, the camera setup, and some of the final images. I intend to add to this as and when I get time permits so make sure you check back to see any recent editions.

I have been asked a number of times about equipment I currently use which has changed in some aspects over the last couple of years. Go to the Information Tab to see the revised list.

New Nikon Z 7II Gallery

I have just added a sample set of images photographed using the Nikon Z 7II in combination with Z, and F mount lenses, also Novoflex bellows, and other equipment I routinely use. 



I have just received from Novoflex their MagicBall Free 50 inverted ball head based on the original innovative concept of the popular MagicBall series. The MagicBall (The Big One) has become my main ball head of all of my macro photography. It's an impressive ball head, with excellent stability and provides more rotational movement than any other ball head currently on the market. Keep an eye on the Novoflex tab on my website for a review on this remarkable ball head. During the coming weeks, I will be testing the MagicBall Free 50. For more information on both these ball heads visit the Novoflex website 


I have been using the Z 7II for a while now, and I must say I'm impressed with the camera and the quality of the imagery from it. You can read the review which I have posted on the Articles & Reviews tab or click the link below!

I have also written a review on the Nikon Z 7II for Luminous Landscape which is currently available on their website.



I have just completed the reviews of the Novoflex BAL-F and BALPRO-1 bellows systems. If you want to learn more about how to achieve magnifications above 1:1 then read the review which you can find in the Novoflex tab or click the link below. I am really impressed with both bellows units and now routinely use them in my current high-magnification workflow. 



NIKON Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S

I am currently testing this lens at the moment. I am impressed with the quality and some of the early images so far. I will be talking more about it soon!  

The Macro Photographers diary seems to be a popular topic at the moment. Thank you all for your questions and as I have said before I will do my best to answer them as soon as I can.

I am also working at present with other Novoflex equipment in combination with the Nikon Z7II and the D850. More on that in the near future. As you are aware by now Novoflex has designed a range of equipment that allows you to shoot beyond 1:1 using bellows and reversing adapters which they have produced for many other leading camera brands.

Keep an eye on the Novoflex tab on this site for future updates on other equipment I'm currently testing at the moment.

Once again thank you for visiting the site and for the feedback, which is always greatly appreciated!

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