I was very pleased when Novoflex asked me to test their latest macro focusing rail which I did for a couple of months prior to its release. I was highly impressed with its design and performance which is unique. No other current focusing rail comes close to this one in every aspect from its build quality and its consistent delivery of outstanding results. All of the calculations are pre-programmed into this rail and is capable of working out precisely the stepping distance required from magnifications of 1:1 up to 5:1. It is calibrated exactly the same as the electronic Castel Micro and will deliver manually the same performance within the designated magnification range. I pre-ordered one immediately and took delivery once it became available.

Below is an in-depth review of the rail which is in both English and German. 

Wolf's Milk Lycogala epidendrum

These tiny slime moulds were photographed using the Castel-M. Photographed with the Laowa 2.5-5X macro, Nikon Z 9, number of images in stack 85, magnification 2.75X, supported on the Novoflex PRO 75 and MagicBall.


To see the Novoflex Castel-M video click the link below.