I have used many different types of ball heads over the years. Some were reasonably good and others were simply not worth the money. In macro photography precision and stability are critical when working to fine tolerances with magnification and depth of field.

I have been using the MagicBall (The Big One) for a while now and I am impressed with its ease of use, but also its remarkable stability when heavy loads are placed upon it. The ball heads have an impressive positioning range of movement at 120° in virtually any plane. It is, without a doubt, the best ball head I have used to date. It has become my main choice for macro photography in the field.

There are three different models in the MagicBall series with a weight range from 5kg (10lbs) to 10kg (20lbs) depending on your individual camera and configuration needs. The handle is solid and is used to position the MagicBall precisely where you want it. The larger two models have a variable tension control to allow you to balance the camera weight to the adjustment force.

I will be writing a review on this in due course but for more information please go to the Novoflex website.

The Novoflex Video below demonstrates the versatility of these innovative ball heads!


The MagicBall Series

Photographed with the Nikon Z7 II on the Novoflex TrioPod PRO 75 with the MagicBall (The Big One).