Ireland has some of the most beautiful and inspiring scenery in the British Isles. One of its great qualities is the diversity of its landscapes and special habitats; many of which are unique and provide photographers with a wide range of opportunities to capture their beauty and wildness in their own unique style. As a professional natural history and outdoor photographer, I have the good fortune to work in it and have the joy of experiencing the light and landscape and the many different communities that exist within its boundaries. It often means long hours in the field and frequently at unsociable hours. While I enjoy photographing all the genres of the natural world, macro photography is my specialist field. I have written frequently on this topic for the photographic press and general natural history publications and also published several books on this subject.

Exploring the natural world has been for me a journey of enlightenment and discovery. From an early age, and throughout my professional career, I have been fascinated and intrigued by its beauty, complexity and fragility. My photographic career has allowed me to travel to many other countries, both as a photographer and also as a workshop tutor. I enjoy passing my knowledge on to others who share the same passion. While I enjoy travel and running workshops abroad, I feel there is so much more still to see and do in my own country promoting its beauty and the communities that inhabit it; this is my most important objective.

Having a natural history background with a specialist interest in insects and flora has, I believe, been an advantage. Understanding the behaviour of insects and their ecology is a distinct advantage when it comes to obtaining natural behavioural imagery which is always my objective. I have always been interested in reproducing nature as it is rather than a manipulation or surreal interpretation.

It is no secret that I have a passion for Dragonflies, Moths, Butterflies and Orchids and have written extensively on these groups. I have also worked on a number of high profile natural history recording and conservation projects funded by the governments in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and many other NGO's in Ireland and other countries.

I hope you enjoy perusing the galleries below which illustrate a small selection of the many subjects I have had the privilege of photographing throughout my career.