Fungi have always been associated with mystery and intrigue. I look forward each year to the onset of autumn when I can spend a little time exploring the woodlands in search of these fascinating subjects. Often described as the custodians of the kingdom of the underworld, they are a quirky group of beings whose origins, date back 400 million years, and probably even longer. Fungi are one of nature’s natural decomposers and are inextricably linked with many different organisms. They are frequently described as nature’s undertakers, responsible for breaking down dead and organic material and recycling the nutrients again through the various ecosystems. Most vascular plants rely on the tiny mycorrhizal threads that pervade their root systems providing nourishment and essential nutrients. Most people assume that fungi are related to plants; scientifically they are not. Modern DNA research has shown that fungi are more closely associated with animals rather than plants and produce spores and not seeds.

Elastic Oysterling Panellus mitis
Scarlet Elf Cup Sarcoscypha austriaca
Golden Bootleg Phaeolepiota aurea
Devil's Fingers Clathrus archeri
Jelly ear Auricularia auricula judae var. lactea
Yellow Stagshorn Fungus Calocera viscosa and developing Sulphur Tuft Hypholoma fasciculare
Unidentified Mycena possibly Mycena adonis
Collared Earthstar Geastrum triplex
Yellow Disco Fungus Bisporella citrina
False Death Cap Aminata citrina
Scarlet Elf Cup Sarcoscypha austriaca
Wood Hedgehog Mushroom Hydnum repandum
Sheathed Woodtuft Kuehneromyces mutabilis
Angel's Bonnet Mycena arcangeliana Possibly
Milking Bonnet Mycena galopus var. galopus
Pipe Club Fungus Typhula fistulosa
Variable Oysterling Crepidotus variabilis
Turkeytail Fungus Trametes versicolor
Snapping Bonnet Mycena vitalis
Small Stagshorn Calocera cornea
Jelly Ear Fungus Auricularia auricula judae
Scarlet Caterpillarclub Cordyceps militaris
Angel's Bonnet Mycena arcangeliana
Deceiver Laccaria laccata
Birch Polypore Fomitopsis betulina
Variable Oysterling Crepidotus variabilis
Collared Parachute Mushroom Marasmius rotula
Yellow Brain Fungus Tremella mesenterica
Cortinarius purpurascens
Green Earth Tongue Microglossum Species
Turkey Tail Trametes versicolor and Scarlet Elf Cup Fungus Sarcoscypha austriaca
Clustered Bonnet Mycena inclinata
Fly Agaric Aminata muscaria
Asterophora lycoperdoides a fungal parasite growing on the host of another species
Eyelash Fungus Scutellinia scutellata
White Saddle Fungus Helvella crispa
Toothed Crust Fungus Basidioradulum radula
Asterophora lycoperdoides A parasitic fungus existing on the surface of another
Candlesnuff Fungus Xylaria hypoxylon
Amethyst Deceiver Laccaria amethystina
Yellow Earth Tongue Fungus Spathularia flavida
Destroying Angel Amanita virosa