The Hedgehog fungus is a large fleshy mushroom that occurs mainly in damp woodland. It is widespread throughout the British Isles and Europe. Its identification is confirmed by the spines which appear like stalactites on the underside and the pitted surface on the upper part of the cap. It has no distinctive odour but has a bitter taste. While testing the Z 9 I came across this specimen in woodland which was still in pretty good condition.


The setup. I am impressed with the performance of the Z 9 not only its autofocus capabilities but its versatility across the many different situations and subjects that I have to shoot. GPS is an important part of my work and having it inbuilt into the camera is a game-changer for me. Also, I am able to attach my Nikon MC 30 directly to the camera. Results from the camera in low light as in the case are excellent. 

Photographic details: Nikon Z 9, 105mm Z MC micro nikkor, Novoflex MagicBall and the PRO75. 

One of the final images. The Z MC 105mm macro is an extremely sharp lens. It is also lighter than the F mount version. I will be writing a review of this lens and will post it on my website in due course.

Photographic details: Nikon Z 9, Z MC 105mm macro, supported on the Novoflex MagicBall and PRO 77 Tripod.