I always look forward to the autumn and the fungi season. It's one of the nicest seasons in the year. Fungi are unpredictable so there is no guarantee that a species will turn up every single year. Many species are common and you can usually find them most years. One of the biggest problems photographing fungi is finding perfect specimens. When they begin to emerge they are eagerly sought after by snails among other creatures and they get damaged very quickly. When you do spot a good speciment it is always wise to photograph it there and then.

Most fungi are found witin the woodland canopy and are best photographed from a tripod to give you greater flexability in ISO, aperture and shutter speed selection. You can also focus precisly where you want to; not easily achievable if you are hand-holding. 

In this case, the woodland appears much lighter than it was in reality. Setup photographed on an iPhone


I used backlighting to reduce the clutter and light the subject. Also, the splitting of the cap, in this case, added to the overall ambience of the image.

Photography information: Nikon D850, 200mm micro nikkor lens, Novoflex PRO75, MagicBall head.