The last weeks of summer are now upon us, insect diversity and numbers are beginning to thin out – some looking a little worse for wear, but there is still lots of interesting subject material about. I normally run a macro workshop around this time for late-summer dragonflies, early fungi and whatever else comes into my photographic radar. August is an exceptionally good month for caterpillars. I always make a point during the workshop of searching the nearby foliage of small trees and shrubs if conditions are less favourable for other subjects. Many butterflies and moths will have laid their eggs during spring and early summer. The larvae will now be close to full size, which makes them easier to spot on the leaves and branches of trees and shrubs. Most of these species will overwinter in the pupa stage and emerge next year as adults.

To read the full pdf article from Wild Planet Photo Magazine click on the link. Life in the Foliage.