The Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland

This unique book is the first complete account of the butterflies and moths of Northern Ireland – the species that live here, their habitats, the threats they face, the places to find them and the best ways to study them in the field.

Naturalist and Professional Natural History Photographer Robert Thompson, along with Naturalist Brian Nelson have combined their knowledge and understanding of this fascinating group of insects to produce a very informative publication. Written for the general naturalist, and photographer, especially for those who would like to develop their interest in these captivating insects.

The Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland gives an account of each of the almost five hundred species that have been recorded in Northern Ireland, including information on their status, habitat and flight period. Each species account is complemented by a distribution map and often by a photograph. The book also includes all-important conservation information, together with a gallery of habitats (featuring, among others, Rathlin Island, Peatlands Park and Murlough Bay) and a look back to the naturalists who have contributed so much to our understanding of the Lepidoptera of Northern Ireland.

Beautifully photographed and lavishly illustrated, with text that is both authoritative and easy to read. This is an unmissable book for anyone who is interested in the natural world and its conservation.

ISBN: 978 0900761478

National Museums Northern Ireland