The Natural History of Ulster

This is the first comprehensive book on natural history in the nine-county province of Ulster – a subject that has been remarkably overlooked in such an otherwise well-exposed region. Nature in Ulster is uniquely varied and reveals much about how humanity relates to the natural world.

The book takes a broad view of natural history. People are a recurrent theme, as well as geology, habitats, and wildlife. The heart of the book deals with the biodiversity and habitats that characterise Ulster’s landscapes. Chapters cover farmland, woodland, bogs, mountains and lakes, the coast, the sea and urban habitats. It is shown how successive generations have shaped the landscape and modified the environment to the extent that people are now the dominant force in nature. Conversely, it is also shown how nature has played a significant part in determining Ulster’s history and its scientific and literary traditions.

The Natural History of Ulster will appeal to anyone with an interest in the province, whether resident, visitor or expatriate. Contributions from some of Ulster’s most experienced naturalists have been carefully woven together to produce an engaging narrative. It is a book that delights you with the rich beauty of its imagery and invites you to develop new outlooks on both natural history and on Ulster.

The 608-page book is lavishly illustrated with over 600 high-quality photographs many specially commissioned for this publication. Particular highlights are the aerial landscapes and stunning close-ups.

ISBN: 978-0900761492

National Museums Northern Ireland