Atropos is the leading UK journal for butterfly, moth and dragonfly enthusiasts. It is published four times a year including an annual Migration Review. A central theme of the publication is insect migration, but all subjects relevant to British Lepidoptera and Odonata are covered in the journal, including conservation, identification, biology, field observations and material on Western Palearctic species of relevance to Britain.

Migration is an important part of the journal and is summarised in a single issue every year.  Reports are correlated from  Coastal Stations around the British Isles and can reveal some surprising trends and similarities between sites.  The journal is also an important reference source for its readers providing the latest information about these major insect groups.

Atropos is also a mail-order book service that aims to provide a high-quality service for butterfly, moth and dragonfly enthusiasts, but also including general entomologists as well. It stocks all of the key titles within the relevant subjects and aims to deliver a quality service at a minimum cost to the customer.

As a professional natural history photographer journals such as these provide valuable information on species including their biology and ecology.  I have been a contributor to this journal throughout its 25-year history.

For information about the journal and how to subscribe click on the link to the Atropos website. ATROPOS