Workshop Update for 2023
2022 has certainly been a challenging year for everyone, not only in our personal lives but for the business community as well. The photography sector has been affected with many finding it challenging at the moment. For many of us who run workshops abroad, it still poses some problems with reduced flights and frequent delays. 

Like many photographers, I have tried, where possible, to move certain workshops to other dates, but this has proven difficult, even here in Ireland. Some locations are very seasonal and coincide with flowering periods and insect emergence times, therefore cannot be easily moved! I have managed this year to change venues in a few cases to the north and west of Ireland where I have managed to accommodate some but not all. I have not been able to run the annual seabird workshop to the Saltees. The outbreaks of Bird Flu currently at the moment may have an impact on visiting the islands. I have decided that for this year I will not offer this workshop. 

Some of my European workshops have been carried forward to this year and I am not planning on adding any additional ones for 2023. I am hoping that it will be possible to offer a more normal program in 2024.